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Minutes of December 4, 1999 Meeting of the San Diego Robotics Society

     9:20 - Nomination of Officers
          President - Richard Vannoy; Vice President - Bill Conat; Treasurer -
     Mike Evans; Secretary - Chris Blanchard; Newsletter Editor - Wayne
     Lundberg; Webmaster - Don Henriel.

     9:30 - Discussion of WebPage & e-mail list (
     9:32 - Proposal 1: Voting for officers to be delayed so that all
     members can participate in the vote.  Perhaps voting to be done over
     e-mail.  No second.
     9:34 - Proposal 2: Vote now for officers (Jim Ubersetzig).  Seconded.
     9:35 - Amendment to Proposal 2: Officers to be temporary until the
     April 2000 meeting, when members will vote again for permanent
     officers. - Bill Connat.  Amended seconded and agreed upon.
     9:36 - Proposal 3: Newsletter & Webmaster should not be elected
     officers.  Not seconded.
     9:39 - Proposal 4: Newsletter & Webmaster differed to an appoitment by
     the officer board. (Jim Ubersetzig).  Proposal seconded and accepted
     9:42 - Vote:  Officers to be accepted as nominated as a temporary
     board until April, 2000.
          Motion passed unanimously.
     9:43 - Rules of the first contest discussed.  Proposal for rules
     presented by Richard Vannoy.
     10:02 - Proposal 5: Accept the rules as proposed, with the details to
     be worked out by the board. (Jim Ubersetzig).  Not seconded.
     10:05 - Further discussion of the rules.
          Placement of beacons - 1 foot boundary outside of playing field; no
     limit on number of beacons.
     10:15 - Brake
     10:30 - Rules amendment
          1 foot boundary for beacon placement
          Random drawing of "point" numbers for pattern in contest #2
          No limits on the number of beacons
          No restrictions on computer power or telemetry for contests #2 & 3
     10:53 - Vote: Accept rules & amendments "as is."  Motion passed
     10:37 - Team lists to be posted to the list.
     10:40 - Expansion of membership - everyone's job, by Richard Vannoy.
     10:41 - January meeting to be held on January 8, 2000, due to holidays.
     10:43 - Guest speakers
          Jim Ubersetzig - Different types of sensors for your Robot.
     12pm - Further discussion of the contest.
          How to award the contest winners?  What is a winner?  Discussion to
     be continued by the board.
     12:01 - Meeting closed.