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Meeting Minutes of the San Diego Robotics Society, January 8, 2000.

     Meeting called to order at 9:05am.

     Old Business

     -Dues: It was suggested that Dues be $30/year, 1/2 price for
     students with a student ID card. The bad news was that for the first
     year, dues would only net the club $200. Motion was carried, and Dues
     were set at $30/year, first due at next meeting, February 5, 2000.
     -Rules for the first contest discussed.
     -A 4x4x5 inch block will be used as the markers for both
     navigation contests.
     -A suggestion was made that beacons be placed on top of these
     -Suggestion was modified so that either you could have beacons
     on the blocks, or outside the playing area, but not both. Motion
     -Beacons outside the playing area are to be no more than 18" in
     height, and beacons inside the playing area must be within 1" of the
     block, or replace the box itself.
     -A discusses was held about Judges. Who would they be?
     -A suggestion was made that the Judges be people not
     participating in the event, maybe even "guest" Judges. Suggestion
     -No further discussion on Judges was held.

     New Business

     -A discussion was held on weather or not there should be walls
     on the outer edge of the playing field.
     -Walls would be 12" out from the edge of the playing area. Any
     beacons to be placed outside the playing will be placed inside this 12"
     area. The walls will be 1' high partitions.
     -Bill Conat has volunteered to build them.
     -Motion passed.
     -A discussion was held about prizes to be given out at the
     -Suggestion was made that one prize could be a free 1 year
     -Other prizes included trophies, ribbons, etc.
     - A suggestion was made that there could be other prizes other
     than 1st, 2nd and 3rd place, such as Most Original Design, Best of
     Show, etc.
     -Christopher Blanchard volunteered to be head or Prize
     Committee, and will have a report at the February 8 meeting on price
     for trophy's and ribbons.
     -The budget for prizes will be determined at the February 8
     -Richard Vannoy has volunteered to talk to Steve Mulry about
     name plates and other possible prizes for the club.
     -Treasurer's Report:
     -The club needs $100 minimum to start a bank account.
     -Dues will be due on the anniversary of the day each member
     -The first Dues will be due at the February 8, 2000 meeting.
     -A discussion was held about entry fees for the first contest.
     -A suggestion was made that a fee of $30 for non-members, and
     $10 for club members be used.
     -This fee gives you 1 entry in each event. Each additional
     entry after that cost an additional $10.
     -Motion passed.


     -Dan Wolf gave a speech on the organization he works for, which
     does mine removal around the world, in anticipation of the Mine
     Sweeping competition. He envisions the contest evolving over time,
     bringing in sponsors from major companies that deal in mine removal
     technology. He also agreed to be a "guest judge" at the first contest.
     -Bill Conat and his son gave a demonstration of a Lego
     Mindstorms robot.
     -Richard Vannoy gave a presentation on his group's entry in the
     contest, showing off the drive train and how it worked.
     -Jim Ubersetzig gave a presentation on his entry in the
     contest, showing how it could be programmed how far to move, to turn
     and then move again.

     Meeting was called to a close at 12:10pm.